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The chink in the armour…

Posted in Uncategorized by oblecto on 16 October 2010


Free software is a wonderful thing, not because it doesn’t cost you anything, but because it challenges the supremacy of the profit motive in our societies, and acts as an admittedly small and temporary check on the ambitions of ‘Internet Exploiters’ like Google, eBay, and Craigslist.  But, like everything devised by human beings, the concept of free software has a fatal flaw; the developers, having already contributed the fruits of their intellect, and in most cases substantial amounts of time and money to make their creation  available to the general (and largely unappreciative) public, cannot now be reasonably expected to spend increasingly larger sums on providing support.

When the support situation turns desperate, free software ‘communities’ turn to the delusive panacea of forums, maintained by volunteers drawn from the ranks of experienced users, to provide support to new arrivals.  This is the chink in the armour.

Sad to say, forums attract a particular sort of personality, and a particular sort of psychological profile.  In person, these individuals are either patently insignificant, or wear a façade of stylized unconventionality intended to conceal their social, intellectual, or physical deficiencies.  Once safely behind the ramparts of the relative anonymity provided by online forums, dealing with the minutiæ of an obsessive interest, their personality is displayed in all of its fundamentally distasteful detail.

If you find yourself frustrated by some technical detail of your blog, the best course of action is to experiment with possible solutions until you hit upon the right one.  Avoid the temptation of appealing to the forums; 98% of the persons there are just as much in the dark as you are; 1% are imbeciles addicted to some marginalized form of adolescent ‘humour’, understood and appreciated only by other imbeciles; the remaining 1% are those deficient personalities who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to feed their ego by deriding your lack of experience in the minor (and ultimately pointless) details of their special subject.

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